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    2. Matt Schmitz
      Hi Cynthia,

      I was doing some market research on network tools and came across your page on Reading Internet Message Headers here: As an engineer, I have to say that you put together a well-researched, comprehensive list. Nice work!

      I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Dotcom-Monitor (the company I work for) has an awesome Ping Test where you can instantly test network connectivity from 20+ locations around the world! We send ICMP packets to the host and measure the response time, logging any errors that occur. I don’t know of any other company that offers the same thing… not for free at least. You can try it yourself at:

      We’re trying to spread the word on our free test tool to help raise awareness about making the web a faster and more reliable place—we all know Google has been pushing this for a few years now! If you’d be willing to give our free ping test tool a shout out with the other tools on your page, I will set you up with a free lifetime monitoring account where you can use all of our tools and monitor up to five sites.

      We actually never offer anything but a free 30-day trial to customers, but I showed your site to our VP of Web Performance and he thought it would be a great opportunity to network with someone else who cares about web uptime & performance like we do!

      Thanks for getting the word out about web uptime and performance—it’s so important for people to know & be checking their own sites!


      Matt Schmitz
      Web Performance Engineer

    3. Ashley Waldo
      Hi Cynthia, I was wondering if I could make a quick suggestion in regards to the Cyberstalked page of your site? I found something that might be worth adding. If it’s too much trouble, then don’t worry about it, just thought I’d drop you a note.
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